A - Measure from the base of the neck, between the shoulder blades down the spine to the base of the tail.

B - Around the circumference of the lower neck.

C - Around the circumference of the chest.

D - Around the circumference of the abdomen.


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  1. Use a soft tape measure or wide rope to take the measurements, not a hard straight ruler.
  2. Your dog must be standing straight with head up. If your dog is laying down or sitting his/her back dimension will be longer than the actual back length.
  3. Measure from the base of the neck (just in front of the shoulder blades) to the base of tail.
  4. The coat length should be the same or longer by 1 to 2 inches as your dog’s back length
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measure neck

Lay the tape down the back of your hound. On a greyhound, the measurement should start approx 2 inches up the neck. On a medium sized whippet, this measurement should start 1.5 inches up the neck. Allow the tape to follow the curve of the spine and take the end measurement right over the hump where the tail joins the body

A - Back Measurement

B - Neck Measurement

C - Chest Measurement

Circumference of the chest at the deepest point. Make sure that you do not measure tight behind the front legs as this is not the deepest part. You need to measure about 2 inches back and allow for your hound to breathe out before committing to a final result.


Circumference of the base of the neck, at the widest point. Do not measure where the collar usually sits but further back towards the shoulders.


D - Waist Measurement

Circumference of the waist or abdomen.

Note: The waist measurement should be taken with a fairly slack tape measure to ensure that the fitted chest panel is not too tight at that end


NOTE: Please make all measurements in centimeters Please take your measurements two or three times to be sure that you are coming up with the same results.

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